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There is a big difference between a good essay for your english class and a good college admissions essay. Our editors are not only excellent writers, they have toured numerous colleges, attended professional conferences, and worked with students for over five years helping them get in to their first choice college. All of our editors are graduates of Yale or other top universities. Many have advanced degrees in education and creative writing. In addition to critiquing the grammar, syntax and structure of the essay, we also provide a reaction from an admissions officer's point of view. Is this essay portraying you in the best light possible? Are you truly shining your admissions hook? We offer several services to help you with the stressful task of composing your personal statement. Below are some essay editing options for you, including utilizing our services as well as some other services. 

Guaranteed Essay Reaction
Submit your essay and one of our admission professionals will provide you with a reaction within two business days.  We will let you know if you presenting yourself in the best possible way.  Click here to submit your essay or here to learn more about this service.

More Extensive Essay Editing Services:

First Choice College Placement
Our parent company several essay editing services, ranging from a reaction with extensive suggestions for improvement on an original plus up to two drafts (3 drafts total) for $125 to an Essay Gold Package, that includes a brainstorming session plus reactions on the essay plus up to 4 drafts (5 drafts total) for $375.  Click here to visit and learn about their essay editing options.

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